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NxtPort - Register user

Register information of a user. Note that the "real" (human) user should have an account on the blockchain (upfront). This account is represented by an address on the chain, which is based on the public key of the user. Registering therefore means defining user **properties** like a username, which can then be used to refer to users in a more human-friendly way then by using the account addresses. User registration should be done by the user who owns an account on the chain. As a result of registration, a User contract is created on the chain, which contains the user properties, and which is owned by the user account. From then on, one can use the username to refer to a user on the web/mobile app.

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NxtPort opens the gates to the Port of the future. This project is a milestone in the digitalization of logistics and cargo.

Curl command through Streamdata.io

curl -v "https://streamdata.motwin.net/http://api.nxtport.eu/blockchain/api/v1/users?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}&api_token={field_value}"

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